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Welcome to Poopie Palz! Northwest Chicago's best pet clean up services


Welcome to Poopie Palz, your best friend in dog poop cleanup! We remove pet waste from common areas like backyards, front yards, patios, dog runs, community events and parks. It's easy and affordable to everyone making you poop free in no time. Click here to learn more about our pet clean up services.

Make Poopie Palz your choice for Pet Waste Clean Up Services!

Accumulated pet waste can create a hazardous environment for you and your family. Bacteria, worms and other parasites thrive in your pets fecal waste, which can eventually wash away into the water supply. Don't wait any longer and call us to schedule your first cleanup. You and your dog won't regret it. We are all about making you happy and our service is 100% guarantee.

Poopie Palz

For pet owners living in north shore and northwest suburbs of Chicago.

For commercial cleanings please call for free estimate.